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AC Conversion Services With Barrett Airworks

The El Paso heat is nothing to mess with. Having your home or business adequately equipped with the right cooling system is essential to stay comfortable throughout the warm months. Our experienced HVAC professionals are here to replace your old evaporative cooler with a high-quality refrigerated air unit so you can stay cool and worry-free this summer!

AC Conversions in El Paso, TX

Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Refrigerated air conditioning is the most effective way to cool a home or business. With refrigerated air, you can pick your desired temperature by setting your thermostat, and you can quickly switch from cooling to heating without having to change dampers like a swamp cooler. Refrigerated air conversions are the most popular option, as they are the most efficient way to keep your home cool.

How Much Do Refrigerated Air Conversions Cost?

The refrigerated air unit cost depends on several factors, and an exact estimate will require evaluating your current system. A 1,200-square-foot home requires a 2-2.5-ton unit, and a 2,000-square-foot home needs a 4-ton unit; two-story homes may need two units. The house or business’s electrical capabilities and the quality of your ducts also influence the price.

Evaporative Cooler vs. Refrigerated AC

An evaporative cooler, known as a swamp cooler, cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporative coolers do not remove the heat from the room as refrigerated air conditioners do; they can typically only bring the temperature down by 10 degrees and struggle to perform when it’s humid. Refrigerated ACs perform more efficiently, lowering the temperature and removing heat.

Benefits of Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Refrigerated air conditioning offers many benefits, such as cool air on demand without having to open your windows and risk letting humidity or hot air in. They operate quietly and require less maintenance and fewer repairs. They can save you money on your water bill. Refrigerated air conditioning also offers better air quality for your home or business.

Factors to Consider Before Converting

Before making the switch, you need to consider the size of the AC unit you will need to cool your home. Too small of a system won’t cool your home, and too big of a system will cycle on and off too rapidly to lower the humidity levels. Consult our experts before your conversion for accurate sizing advice that suits your home or business.

Rely on the Experts at Barrett Airworks

There is an abundance of HVAC technicians in El Paso, but not all carry the certifications, authorizations, and prestigious technicians we do. We have the skills and knowledge backed by years of experience to provide our customers with top-tier cooling solutions that will provide homes or businesses with comfort and better air quality for years to come.

Replacing Your Swamp Cooler With Refrigerated Air

First, we inspect your home or business’s ductwork and supporting infrastructure. If your ductwork needs to be upgraded or replaced, we do what is necessary to support your new refrigerated air system. Once your ductwork is ready, we switch out your swamp cooler for the central air system and calibrate your thermostat.

Our Nate Certified Technicians

All our HVAC technicians are NATE certified. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is awarded to the hardworking individuals and businesses dedicated to satisfying their community’s HVAC needs with precision. NATE-certified technicians have the knowledge to maintain, replace, or repair any HVAC with diligence and skill.

Areas We Serve

We are certified to provide high-quality HVAC solutions, including refrigerated AC conversions, in El Paso, Texas and neighboring areas, including Las Cruces, Van Horn, Anthony, Socorro, Horizon City, Sunland Park and Canutillo.

Contact Our Professionals Today

If you’re interested in switching to a more efficient cooling option, let the experts at Barrett Airworks convert your home or business to a refrigerated air conditioning system. We have helped thousands of customers reap the benefits of better, cooler air. Contact us today to discover how we can convert your AC and make your home or business more comfortable!

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