5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer Without Breaking the Bank

Home Cool Tips by Barrett AIrworks

What’s one thing most homeowners despise in the summer? Typically, it’s their energy bill. Just like the triple-digit temperature outside, the bill can easily be three digits long. While many of us prepare for these bills as they tend to be expected given El Paso’s heat, there’s always a desire to save. That’s where the following tips come in. By following these five tips, you may be able to see a difference in your energy bill.

1. Use Ceiling Fans on Cooler Days

On those cloudy days when the rain braces the Sun City, take advantage and use your ceiling fans instead of lowering the AC. You’ll save money as a result. Depending on how warm your house feels, you may also want to consider relying on ceiling fans as opposed to the AC. Even raising it a couple of degrees at night could help lower your energy bill.

2. Install a Wi-Fi Thermostat

We’re strong advocates of Wi-Fi thermostats, not just for their convenience but also for their money-saving capabilities. Have you ever left your home and realized you forgot to raise the AC? Unless you were able to return home to adjust it, you likely left it blasting as if you were still there. Could you see those dollar signs flashing before you? With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you’ll never have to experience that again because raising the temperature will be a matter of pulling up the app.

3. Look for Cracks in the Windows and Doors and Seal Them!

Hot air enters your home and cool air escapes—that’s what happens when you have cracks in your windows and doors. As a result, your home will feel warmer. Naturally, you’ll be inclined to lower the temperature. Doing so may help certain areas of your home but it won’t fully solve the issue. Be sure to look for any cracks and seal them! You can use weather stripping or caulk.

4. Keep Up With Maintenance

Avoiding a full breakdown in the peak of summer certainly isn’t ideal! Not only could it be costly but you may put your family’s health at risk. To keep your air conditioner running in the best condition and to save money, it’s recommended to have your HVAC system professionally inspected before the start of a new season or at least twice a year. You will save money in the long term if you go this route.

5. Close the Blinds

Keeping the blinds closed when it’s sunny outside can help prevent the Sun’s UV rays from entering your home. In return, you’ll find your home will feel cooler. While you may still want to have some natural light, we suggest alternating when you have the blinds open. For example, opening them in the morning when the sun isn’t blaring down on your homework. By the afternoon, however, you’ll want to close them. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the hottest time of the day is around 3 p.m. In El Paso, we typically experience warm weather by noon and as the hour’s progress, it gets warmer. A good rule of thumb is to close your blinds by 11 a.m.

Contact Barrett Airworks Service Co. in El Paso

For the most reliable air conditioning maintenance and servicing, contact Barrett Airworks! We understand the need to keep your home as cool and comfortable as possible during the summer, but we also know the desire to save much as possible on your energy bill. It may seem impossible when it’s 100 plus degrees outside but with these adjustments, we’re confident you’ll see a difference.

Be sure to contact us if you’re experiencing any issues with your HVAC. We provide swift and professional service day and night.

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