Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

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For many people, their air duct system can be somewhat of an afterthought. We’d like to change that notion because the air being produced by your furnace and air conditioning will always travel through them. Just like the veins in your body, your air duct system is how the air produced is distributed. Issues with your veins can have massive implications, independent of the quality of your blood. Luckily, issues with ductwork can be easier to spot, if you know what to look for. Here are a few tips on how to spot ductwork issues.

Air Ducts Cleaning Services in El Paso, TX
  • Age of Home – If your home is more than ten years old, it may be time for a thorough cleaning. The buildup in the ducts can reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system and cost you money.
  • Dusty or Stuffy Rooms – If breathing in your home can feel beleaguering, it may be time to give your ductwork a look. Excessive dust in the vents will cause the air to have that effect, and may even lead to mold after a while.
  • Noisy Central Air – If your ductwork is excessively loud, you may have a ductwork problem. It may be an inappropriate size, which can be quickly fixed by our certified technicians.
  • Higher Energy Bill – If you notice higher bills, it could be a number of issues. Most people, however, don’t realize that the ducts could cause that as well. It’s best to have a certified technician come in and diagnose the problem

Barrett Airworks has provided some of the best HVAC services in El Paso for years. In that time, we’ve seen every kind of issue, and are confident we can fix any problem, contact us today to have a technician inspect your home.

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