Keep The Texas Cold At Bay With These Heating Tips!

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When most people think of our great state of Texas, they think of blistering, desert heat. And you can’t blame them—Texas regularly sees temperatures above 100 degrees F. But many parts of Texas get pretty cold as well. El Paso has seen temperatures well below freezing this winter season alone.So keeping warm is just as necessary as keeping cool, but many homeowners aren’t aware of the best ways to keep their homes toasty throughout the season.

In the latest Barrett Airworks blog, we discuss the best ways to keep you and your family toasty throughout the winter season!

Heating Tips

Heating Tips by Barrett Airworks

Use The Sun To Your Advantage

A green houseplant in a glass jar and a Mexican rose plant in a concrete flowerpot on a window sill.El Paso isn’t called the Sun City for no reason. We get sunlight year-round—maybe too much for some people. But that sunlight can be used to your advantage when you the temperatures are a little low. Simply open your curtains and blinds to let that sunlight splash in!

The sunlight is free and will warm up your home, while also probably lightening up your mood as well.

For windows that don’t get much sunlight, get thick blinds or curtains to cover them up. They help insulate the home by keeping the warm air from escaping through the window glass.

Find Leaks In Your Home

house attic insulation – construction worker installing rock wool in mansard wall

All the heat your heater produces is only good if it actually stays in the home. Unfortunately, most homes and apartments have a ton of leaks that let your hard-earned hot air seep right outside.

Hiring a team to analyze your home can reveal problem spots in your home, and plugging them up can save you hundreds of dollars and potentially increase the resale value of your home overall. You could also find leaks yourself free-of-charge.

Schedule Heating Inspection & Maintenance

The best way to keep your home warm is to make sure your heating system is working at its full potential. That’s where the team at Barrett Airworksv comes in. We can inspect your system from top to bottom, checking for any and every problem spot.

Once remedied, we’ve saved homeowners thousands over the lifetime of their systems. Seriously, it’s that important. Maintenance is a must for an HVC system—don’t neglect yours any longer, have a professional take a look as soon as possible.

Up Your Insulation Game

Remember how we said that you need to keep the heat you produce in the home? Well, insulation does just that, but it’s also a neglected aspect of homeownership. Blown insulation is a fast and effective way to keep the heat in your home and keep the cold air when the summer rolls around.

Insulation also isn’t that expensive, either, so you can improve your insulation even on a tight budget.

Better Windows, Better Heat

If you have the resources, improving your windows may be one of the best ways to get the most out of your heating system. Windows can account for 10 to 25 percent of a home’s heating loss alone!

Getting double-paned windows can help cut down on that heating loss and look great in your home as well!

Other sources of leaks are furnaces, doors, plumbing entrances, and even electrical outlets!

Let The Heat Flow Freely

Sometimes, making your home warm is as simple as making way for the air to flow freely. Often, regular household items can block vents, or excess dust and debris can make your heater have to work harder.

Take a simple walk through your home and check to make sure the airflow is optimal. That means making sure your vents aren’t going right into your windows or your couch, as they will just absorb the heat and keep you and your family chilly.

Also, whenever possible, keep the doors in your room open. Closed doors make your heating system work harder, so be sure to make way for the warm air in your home.

Space Heaters Work Wonders

Another home-heating tip is to use space heaters. Placing them in a central location can heat up the air that is already flowing through the home, helping every room in the process. They can be a cheap, cozy way to beat the winter chill.

Humidity = Heat

Ever visited a humid place or walked outside after an afternoon shower? It can feel so hot, even if it’s not that hot. That’s the power of humidity, and you can use it in your home as well.

Having your humidity between 30 to 50 percent is a good range to shoot for to maximize your home’s heating. Don’t make your humidity too high though. Too high humidity can damage your home’s furniture and walls.

Keep Warm With Barrett Airworks

When keeping your family comfy throughout the winter, it’s important to work with our expert  team you can trust. With Barrett Airworks, you can make sure you stay comfy year-round.

Contact us todayv to schedule your appointment or for more heating tips and tricks!

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